PhD education

You can obtain a PhD degree by completing a three-year PhD programme.

PhD programmes at University of Copenhagen are organized and administered by PhD-schools at the individual Faculties.

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Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences

The Faculty's Graduate school offers a programme of high quality and is the biggest of its kind in Denmark. It is for those who want to take a PhD programme in Health and medicine. With a PhD From this programme, you will be able to work with research, development and teaching in the private and public sectors. As a PhD student, you must be enrolled on one of the 20 PhD study programmes under the Health's PhD school.

The programme programmes bring together individual research programmes and offer PhD students a range of courses, seminars and other academic activities.

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Drug Research Academy (DRA)

DRA is the interdisciplinary PhD programme within the pharmaceutical sciences. DRA aims to educate graduates with a high international level. DRA is anchored at the Department of Pharmacy and the Department of Drug Design and pharmacology under Health's Graduate school.

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