The Pharmacist in the Society

Today the pharmacists are employed primarily in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, at hospitals and at pharmacies.. A pharmacist graduated from PharmaSchool in Copenhagen is employable in the whole world and is able to help out with some of society’s most serious problems.

This is due to the fact that part of the work for a better, and more fair, world goes through the fight of illness and strengthening of good health. In all this medicine, and thus pharmacists, plays a crucial role.

The pharmacist – a resource in strong demand

The work of the pharmacist combines knowledge from the fields of chemistry, biology and biotechnology. A pharmacist is society’s expert on medicine. As a graduate from University of Copenhagen you will have studied right in the midst of Medicon Valley, one of Europe’s biggest centre of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology.

This is why the pharmacist is a ressource in demand in all of the medical industry and in most health research. Furthermore,the field is one of the academic professions with the lowest unemployment and the highest wage level.

Pharmacists are responsible when care assistants are taught how to handle medicine, are responsible for distribution of medicine at hospitals and at pharmacies, and pharmacists take part in efforts to fight epidemics and develop new medicine.

The pharmacist is a natural and competent expert in the struggle to solve challenges such as global population growth, a higher number of elderly people and increased resistance to antibiotics.

When graduating as a pharmacist you will have a useful and professionally relevant education, that is highly demanded. You will be able to walk straight into a position where you can help accomplish important tasks in society.