Drugs constitute the core in all the research and education at PharmaSchool. Here, you can graduate as a bachelor or a Master's and acquire a PhD degree. The bachelor programme is taught in Danish, whereas most of the masters programmes are in English. Thus, you will have a unique opportunity already in your study programme to work and study in English as well as meeting international students and researchers. A decisive factor for your later working life, regardless of whether you want to be a pharmacist, researcher or work in an international pharmaceutical company.

PharmaSchool offers a number of Professional Master's Programmes for working professionals. The programmes correspond to one full year of studies (60 ECTS) but can also be followed on a part-time basis. Our courses are designed both for you with a different educational background than pharmacist, and for you with a pharmaceutical education. All courses that will strengthen your area of competence. Most courses are taught in English, and will give you a larger network both nationally and internationally.