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The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers educational programmes including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in pharmacy (MSc in Pharmacy, cand.pharm.) and pharmaceutical sciences (cand.scient.pharm.), as well as two international master’s programmes for which all teaching is conducted in English: MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences and MSc in Medicinal Chemistry. In addition, two part-time master’s programmes (MIND and MRA), courses for the inter-faculty master’s programme in Environmental Science as well as courses at Copenhagen Summer University are offered.

Pharmaceuticals are the focal point for all programmes at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Courses and teachers for the programmes anchored at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences come primarily from the two departments covering pharmaceutical sciences. All research at Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology and Department of Pharmacy is centred on drugs, thus underpinning the research foundation for the programmes. 

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences coordinates the above mentioned programmes. The School also serves as the hub of communication for external partners in companies, authorities and students, both national and international. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences works in close cooperation with other Schools and School Boards at the Faculty as well as with the rest of the University of Copenhagen, via its internal market for courses and programmes, among other vehicles. 

The main tasks of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences are listed below. They are generally carried out in close cooperation with study boards, the local study administration, students and departments within the pharmaceutical area:

  • Coordinating the selection of courses and programmes in the field
  • Creating identity and protecting the pharmaceutical identity and study environment 
  • Profiling the programmes in the area for national and international partners of cooperation, prospective students and future employers
  • Responsible for exchange and education agreements with national and international partners
  • Providing support for the tasks of the study boards, including helping with programme accreditation  
  • Ensuring close cooperation between departments, study boards/study directors, students, and the local programme administration
  • Developing and implementing teaching and educational measures
  • Highlighting and providing synergy options in programme cooperation with the rest of the faculty/University of Copenhagen. 

The responsibilities of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences are undertaken by the School Board and School Director. The School Board is formed by the study directors, heads of departments, teaching advisors and student representatives, with the School Director as chairman.  The work of the School Board includes drawing up strategies for the area and guidelines for programme budgets. The School Director is responsible for the budget allocated to the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Ulf Madsen

School Director

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