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Drugs constitute the core in all the research and education at PharmaSchool. Drug research is interdisciplinary by nature. Thus, research and education at PharmaSchool comprise an integration of natural-, health-, social- and technical sciences.

When you study at PharmaSchool in Copenhagen /in Medicon Valley, you will be a part of the vibrant life in Copenhagen and get an easy introduction to the network and places in the region.  The university’s medical and pharmaceutical research are part of a larger educational system, where independent basic research is linked to translational and clinical research. The region’s Medicon Valley is one of Europe’s three largest business clusters within biotechnology, medicine and medical technology. You will get an extraordinary opportunity to build a network and jobs in the future.









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By clicking at History you can see some of the outstanding Danish pharmacists and their achievements as well as some of the important dates in the history of Danish pharmacy.