Graduation Ceremony

Farma dimisiion 2014

When you have completed your degree programme, you will be celebrated at the annual graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony is for all new candidates within the last 12 months for all masters study programmes based at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The commencement is always in Auditorium 4 on the last Friday of September at 3 - 5 PM followed by a reception at the canteen.

All new candidates will be notified on the forthcoming commencement ceremony by their KUmail and/or via KUnet.
Read more on KUnet under your study programme > Exam > characters and complaints > graduation.

Maybe you will benefit from forwarding your KUmail to your now active mail-account. Read more on KUnet under your study programme > Campus and student life > IT and support > KUmail.

Video clip from a previous graduation ceremony.