Finding your way around

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is centrally located in Copenhagen at the Northern University Campus (Nørre Campus) in the part of the city called Østerbro. The faculty is situated at the corner of the streets Nørre Allé and Universitetsparken with the park Fælledparken as it's closest neighbor.

The Natural Sciences (H. C. Ørsted Instituttet and August Krogh Instituttet) and the rest of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (Panum Instituttet) at the University of Copenhagen are also located at the Northern Campus.

The following bus routes have a stop close to The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Bus Routes 8A, 42, 184, 185, 15E and 150S.






It is not possible for guests and students to park on the University Park area.

If you are an employee you can learn more about the parking options at KU net.

Guests and students should park on the surrounding roads (e.g. along Jagtvej / Nørre Allé) and pay a parking fee according to Copenhagen Municipality's parking rules.

    You can get more information concerning the payment system and specific parking zones at Copenhagen Parking. We are located NV in the blue zone on the map.

    Stopping, loading and unloading is accepted for 15 minutes, but only in vacant parking bays and only with use of parking disc.
    Parking and stopping on fire and emergency routes is prohibited.
    The parking area will be subject to civil law rules and regulations. Vehicles parked contrary to sign-postings in the area will receive a parking fee of minimum DKK 750 per day.