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BSc and MSc programmes in Danish

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen offers the following full time BSc and MSc programmes in Danish:

The University of Copenhagen does not offer BSc or MSc programmes in pharmacy in English. See other SUND master degree programmes  on the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Graduates from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences are considered drug specialists with a broad-based education, who are qualified to hold a wide variety of positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including the biotech and medical device industries, in community pharmacies and in the public sector, including hospital pharmacies.

Research-based teaching, subject integration and problem based learning give students the scientific background for positions in both the private and the public sectors – wherever teamwork in the biological, chemical and pharmaceutical fields is needed.

Diagram with curriculum in the BSc and MSc in Pharmacy programmes. Please note that the programmes are taught in Danish.